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"A healthy mind lives in a healthy body." -Roman poet Juvenal

Here you can find information about my treatment spectrum, about me and my goals. In addition, you can download a medical report in advance and complete it for the first treatment. I would also like to give you a little insight look into my modern practice on Donnersbergstrasse in Kaiserslautern

Why MyPhysiOs?

It is my goal to see a human as a whole, but it is also important to me to see you as a individual person and not only as a patient with symptoms. Modern times demand many things, both physically as well as mentally. It is not always easy to maintain a good health under such circumstances and pressure. ‚To find health in the patient and not to find the disease’ was the central motto of Andrew Taylor Still, the founding father of osteopathy (1828-1917), which is the foundation of my daily work.

Continuous education
More than 10 years of professional experience
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